Mar 13, 2011

Oh You Are Sick....

Been on an internet-less hiatus for the past month, trying to convince the caring people of Verizon that my service transfer request IS as simple as it sounds. You ever read about how one ant is really dumb but the colony as a whole is a very intellegent organism? Verizon is the exact opposite: their individual people usually care, but they have no efficient way to talk to one another, so every time you call them you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog day... But enough of that.

Another amazing Phone Booth Gallery Show is up and running, this one dedicated to David Lynch's art and films. GREAT turnout last night, and a lot of really enjoyable art on the walls. Picked up a Rich Kelly print I've been salivating over for a while too.

If you missed the show, it's going online sometime today at Definitely worth a look.

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