Nov 21, 2010

Technology is my friend

Screwing around with some vacation photos, trying out an old tilt-shift technique I just discovered to make landscapes look miniaturized, and instantly fell in love with it. Ridiculously simple to do, and I'm probably very late to the party, but definitely something I'll be playing with in future projects. Huzzah for knowledge!

Nov 19, 2010

van Bommel odds n' ends/ Zombies' last gasp

Tried to post this on Facebook just now... terrible.

Also, if you haven't been by yet, my good friend Mr. Jason Liwag's Zombie show has been extended, but only for a little while longer, so go check it out at Yojie's (501 w. Olympic Avenue, Los Angeles)!

Wonderful work by a great group of artists, don't miss it!

Nov 16, 2010

Amsterdam, HO(i)!

The newest van Bommel Family Tree is off and running to a new shop in Holland! Did the drawing on illustration board instead of paper this time; great surface to work on but with limited scanning options. Ended up having to cut it into sections (as artfully as possible of course) to get it into the flatbed.

This final shot's pretty tiny, but I'll be adding some detail shots soon. Excelsior!

Nov 1, 2010

They Live... on 4th Street.

I only have a few pictures from the other night, but MAN it was fun. So many good costumes, so many great people, and way too many recipes for fake blood!

I'm a pretty lazy photographer, so if you wanna see way more (and better) pictures, visit Pink Cow Photography's Zombie Walk Photoset.
And if you're looking to buy a t-shirt from the event, check out the MondoCelluloid store HERE.

Also there is this: