Nov 1, 2010

They Live... on 4th Street.

I only have a few pictures from the other night, but MAN it was fun. So many good costumes, so many great people, and way too many recipes for fake blood!

I'm a pretty lazy photographer, so if you wanna see way more (and better) pictures, visit Pink Cow Photography's Zombie Walk Photoset.
And if you're looking to buy a t-shirt from the event, check out the MondoCelluloid store HERE.

Also there is this:


Graham said...

Really really good artwork. Keep it up. How do I follow you on blogspot?

Kevin Bannister said...

thanks! i think you can subscribe or choose to follow at the top right of the screen.

Kevin Bannister said...

Wait. Top left.

Graham said...

I hate to double dip in the comments but I havtahavtahavta! No really, that video is damn funny. It might be too much funny for just one day. I will have to revisit.

Following. Thanks for the info on that too.