Mar 29, 2010

Rock Beast

Working on a little somfin-somfin for a friend, changed my mind about this guy and decided to go in another direction. He's got tremendous potential, definitely worth fiddling with some more.

Mar 16, 2010

Interlude, with overpasses

Title-less so far, but I'll think of something...

I don't usually do a lot of inorganic stuff, and definitely had to put my impulsive, "who's gonna know if there's no structure? it looks good!" mentality on the shelf for a bit. Tried to, anyway.

I always planned to cram as much ballpoint drawing into this as I could get away with. Had to rediscover a lot of stuff I'd learned about painting, overall a REALLY fun project to work on.

Mar 3, 2010

Swing Low

T-shirt design I did for a friend's pet-project (do you hyphenate that? Never used that phrase in writing before). Up top is the original color scheme, below is the final version.