Jan 7, 2009

First post 09

Man, haven't posted anything here in a while! High time I got back into the swing of things.

This is based on past personal experience (PAST, mind you) of the Post-College Bachelor Pad. If you've never been inside one, may this be the closest you ever get.

The alien here is pretty humanoid, which I try (and often fail) to get away from. In this instance I think it's excusable; the beat-up futon wasn't really designed to fit anything with too many legs, and quadrilateral symmetry would've needed a chair like an egg cup with grooves. Also, I like the idea of being able to relate to the "character" of this guy. Kinda slimy, too lazy to go get his own food or even pick up  last night's paper plates off the floor... Maybe he doesn't even buy his own clothes. Doesn't wear a shirt because none of his roommate's have enough arm holes or something.

This is part of a series I'm working on for a solo show coming up in March. We'll hopefully have a physical opening reception... somewhere.... as well as a month-long stint at phoneboothgallery.com. Many thanks to Garry for letting me show on his site. I totally owe you a sandwich dude.