Dec 18, 2009

From Berlin, with love

Floris just sent me a few pictures of the new van Bommel shoe shop in Berlin, where my mural/family tree is going up!

There she is, in all her glory. So rad!

Here's a more recent photo. Such a difference!

Dec 11, 2009

Prints for sale!

Remember almost a year ago when Garry and I tried to sell some awesome prints of my work from the Mundane show? And we were all like, "people will BUY these", and then the economy took a flying nosedive? They're still around folks, and you can get at the last 19 of em through my email at, now that I've joined the modern world and set up a PayPal account.
The prints are 24" square on 80lb. eclipse black paper, signed and numbered. I'm selling em for $35 a piece.

This info is also on, for those of you who have accounts there.

Dec 5, 2009

Dutch dream job

About 6 weeks ago I got a text from Garry that somebody had bought a piece from the Mundane show. ROCK! He didn't know who it was, I guess they hadn't emailed him about it but just ordered through the website. Total mystery.

Later that day I get an email from an address I don't recognize, asking if I'm available for some freelance work: Mr. Floris van Bommel of van Bommel Moergestel, Holland, a 9th generation shoemaker, the same guy who bought my piece and ended up being one of the coolest clients I've ever worked with.

He asked me to make an illustrated version of his family tree, going back to the late 1600's, in whatever style I wanted as long as it had plenty of monsters and alien tentacles. No joke. So sweet. I sent him a sketch just to see how far I could take it, and his only major criticism was that there weren't enough monsters and aliens on it.

Up top here is a microscopic version of the finalized AI file (it'll eventually be blown up to about 14 feet by 6.5 and projected onto the wall/ceiling of a new shop in Berlin) and below are a few detail shots of the ink drawing I scanned in.

This stuff was a ton of fun to do; I don't usually work in Micron pens, so there was a little bit of a learning curve before I could loosen up on some spots.
I'm really happy with how the drawing turned out, and I definitely learned a lot about how to do this kind of thing faster and smarter in the future (so as to leave more time for creative invention and less time for "holy sh**t I gotta finish this in a week ohgodohgodohgodohgod"). Live and learn, right?

Aug 31, 2009

Pretend it's still March

Here's a little retroactive posting for ya. Better hideously late than never, right?

I've had the stories behind the Mundane pieces floating around in my head since I came up with the idea for the show almost a year ago; Garry and I were talking about having laminated cards next to each one explaining what was going on. That didn't pan out for opening night, but I still want to do it. So here we are.
Since the early 70's, these enormous animals have been raiding dockyards and airports, stealing storage crates, jet liners and commercial aircraft. They are only seen in twos and threes, usually on overcast days near the mountains. Although extensive searches have been conducted, no one knows where they nest or what they do with the objects they steal, although there is a great deal of speculation.

It is theorized that they use these materials as vessels to house and protect their young, and may have evolved in a harsher environment where conditions made it essential to provide shelter from solar radiation during infancy. No convincing evidence yet found of a nymph stage to support this theory.

Jul 15, 2009

I'll never get sick of ballpoint.

My buddy Dave was sketching the layout of a piece of packaging I was working on and left his notebook at my desk. That'll teach him.

Jul 14, 2009


A friend and I started a weekly sketch-off trying to combine the features and characteristics of two forms of life; through a very sophisticated method involving one of us pointing at a grid of animal and plant names with our eyes closed, I came up with this guy. He's not very highly developed as an animal in his own right, but I think he's worth developing. Probably most relateable to a more intellegent hippo with poorer eyesight. Maybe hangs out in a place like the Amazon mangrove forests, pruning the low-hanging branches and rooting around for tubers in the silt-muck. Maybe.

Mar 22, 2009

Just a taste

Here's a little somfin-somfin from a project I got cookin' with a few friends.
Everybody loves the Undead, right?
I've never been that big on horror movies, or gory stuff at all for that matter. But something about zombies is just so alluring, everyone's gotta draw at least one. This guy's one of the slower, generic Old School Romero zombies, pretty much just cannon fodder for survival-type college students trapped in midwestern malls.

If you haven't seen the '68 Night of the Living Dead, check it out. Pretty cool ideas about what zombies are like, and still a good movie.

Mar 19, 2009

Haven't done nothin but NOTHIN here in a long time.

Thought I'd post a few pics of some work from the Mundane show for some equal-opportunity perusal. 

Lemme know what you think, the rest of 'em are up (for SALE) at till the end of this month, including a print of the one in my last post, which is twice as big as the original and came out wicked-sweet.


Jan 7, 2009

First post 09

Man, haven't posted anything here in a while! High time I got back into the swing of things.

This is based on past personal experience (PAST, mind you) of the Post-College Bachelor Pad. If you've never been inside one, may this be the closest you ever get.

The alien here is pretty humanoid, which I try (and often fail) to get away from. In this instance I think it's excusable; the beat-up futon wasn't really designed to fit anything with too many legs, and quadrilateral symmetry would've needed a chair like an egg cup with grooves. Also, I like the idea of being able to relate to the "character" of this guy. Kinda slimy, too lazy to go get his own food or even pick up  last night's paper plates off the floor... Maybe he doesn't even buy his own clothes. Doesn't wear a shirt because none of his roommate's have enough arm holes or something.

This is part of a series I'm working on for a solo show coming up in March. We'll hopefully have a physical opening reception... somewhere.... as well as a month-long stint at Many thanks to Garry for letting me show on his site. I totally owe you a sandwich dude.