Feb 24, 2010

New Old

Redo of a REALLY old piece, after a couple years' practice in Illustrator. Definitely a work in progress, especially since it still kinda looks like a raging wiener with tentacles! This way I'll post something new even sooner than usual, haha!

I had a friend a long time ago who confessed he had a phobia of snakes coming out of the toilet to bite him. Not sure if I was drawing on that when I came up with this, but the idea's pretty frightening.


Malachi Ward said...

Nice. But yeah, pretty phallic

Erin said...

First of all, doesn't every little kid have a worry that something is going to come out of the toilet at him/her?

Second of all...it's totally a toilet wiener which is enough to give me nightmares all over again. :)